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One of the most demanded jobs in any markets today is in Accounting. These careers are often seen as being recession-proof because regardless of the economic situation, accountants, auditors and taxation specialists will always be needed.
Professional qualifications needed
In any university, the Faculty of Accounting will always be one of the largest because these courses are very popular. Having a degree in accounting or finance will not be sufficient if you aspire to be a certified accountant.

Lots of options in Accounting

One thing for sure, you will find a lot of options in the Accounting field. After your degree, the Faculty of Accounting usually offer progression courses like Masters in Accounting or Finance if you take the academic pathway.
To become a qualified accounting, you need to take examinations from ACCA, CPA Australia or CIMA. In terms of jobs, you can find employment in audit firms like KPMG or Deloitte or work in taxation and other accounting fields.

Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences usually cover several areas and is quite a common pathway for students who come from these backgrounds. However, students from the science fields have been wanting to venture into areas like sociology and such.
Theoretical studies and disciplines
If you plan to study at the Faculty of Social Sciences, you will most likely be looking to learn a lot of theories. This would most likely be in the areas of sociology, anthropology or history which are common areas offered under this school.

Career options in Social Sciences

The area of Social Sciences is quite different where a graduate will mostly work in research and development areas. If you hold a degree in history or sociology, you would most likely be involved in areas like town planning, urban and community and such. Besides that, you could be involved in the national archives, library, heritage and culture areas too.

Applied Sciences

The area of Applied Sciences will usually cover areas like chemistry and physics. Students who are interested and passionate about these disciplines will usually apply for courses at the Faculty of Applied Sciences in most universities.
Applied Sciences very specialized
In most cases, you will need to have a lot of patience and passion to venture into Applied Sciences. It should be something you are good at in school and that you want to continue pursuing it because you enjoy these sciences and aim to chart your career through this pathway.

Jobs in Applied Sciences

As a chemist, you will be able to join pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturers and in the fast-moving consumer goods sectors. Besides that, biologists usually gain employment from companies that are involved in medicine or in the zoology areas. Depending on your area of specialization, your expertise will be required as there are now more companies involved in a diverse range of products and services.

Banking and Economics

The Faculty of Banking and Economics is sometimes associated with the business schools. However, in some universities they are regarded as a full discipline as graduates are mostly involved in the money markets and not just business alone.
Demand for financial experts
In any country with a volatile economy, financial experts will always be needed. To qualify, you need to obtain your bachelors in finance and then get a professional certificate like CFA. On the other hand, bankers are still very sought-after and this promises stability and long-term career pathways.

Financial Markets still very attractive

When you are trained in understanding financial markets, you will be seen as having the knowledge of how to manage funds. As such, you can find jobs as wealth managers, hedge-fund managers or investment bankers. You can become consultants or advisors for people on how they should invest their money and when to expect good returns.

Architecture and Built Environment

The Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment usually offer courses that are very sought-after. If you aspire to be an architect or work in an architecture firm, these courses would be your ideal choices.
Efforts needed to get into architecture
Unlike other courses, to become a certified architect, you need to be professionally qualified. In countries like Malaysia, you will need a basic degree and then be certified under the LAM or Lembaga Akitek Negara before you can be qualified to practice.

Options available in architecture

At the Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment, you will naturally be enrolled into a degree in architecture. Most universities offer such courses while there are some that provide more specialized areas which could cover planning, design and management.
This includes urban planning courses, digital design and even heritage conservation which gives you more advantage in finding jobs that require such expertise.

Media and Advertising

Most communication institutes offer courses in advertising. In most cases, you can find such courses in the Faculty of Media and Advertising.
Ideal if you like to reach the masses
Media and advertising are two interrelated disciplines which offer a lot of career options. When you graduate with a degree or master in these fields, you will be sufficiently trained and educated on the common methods and ideas that work.

Jobs and fields available

Advertising is one of the most sought-after programmes. Most students who are outgoing and like meeting people will want to study in this area. A graduate in media and advertising will usually find employment t advertising agencies or PR firms.
Meanwhile, if your major is more in media, you could seek employment from the media owners like television stations, radio channels, newspapers, publications and such. Besides that, having a specialization in digital media will help you gain entry into the creative fields as well.

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Faculty of Law

Do you aspire to become a lawyer when you graduate? Do you like reading about cases, citing them and using them in court. Do you watch a lot of law drama and has hopes to become successful in this discipline?

Law among the oldest professions
One of the oldest courses you will find in universities is in law. The Faculty of Law often provides courses of every level ranging from pre-undergraduate, undergraduate to postgraduate levels. Malaysia has one of the most vibrant legal industries and that is where you can find a lot of job opportunities.

Options available in Law
A degree in Law or LLB will give you the education you need to become a lawyer. However, you will need to pass the Certificate of Legal Practice in Malaysia in order to be called to the Malaysian bar which will then give you the license to practice as a lawyer.

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Learning Languages

Linguists and language experts are always demanded in any market. In most universities, you can study for such courses at their Faculty of Language which will then open doors to different areas of career options in these markets.
Not only about English
When it comes to language, the preconception is that a person is trained in English. Actually, you can be trained in different languages and this could be historically, culturally or geographically different. When you study language, you could graduate with English Language, ancient languages, Spanish or even religious languages.
Career options for graduates in language
After completing your degree in a certain language, you can work in the industry as a translator, a teacher or a writer. Many graduates like to venture into education and that is where you need to obtain your postgraduate qualifications so that you can teach at the institutes of higher learning which are constantly looking for experts in these areas.

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Hospitality and Tourism

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Business & Management

The Faculty of Business is usually the largest school in most universities. Some schools incorporate the entire fields of business like accounting, banking and economics while some focuses only in management, marketing and such.
Reputable Business Graduates
When you study business, the most common courses you will take would be in Business Administration. However, students in recent years would like to venture further into more specialized areas. This include International Business, Marketing, Digital Marketing and others.

Graduate employability in Business

Business courses are among the few which are known to be recession-proof. After graduation, you might work for a large firm or you could venture into starting your own business. One thing for sure, your knowledge and skills can be used and applied wherever you go. A business graduate can obtain the MBA which will then open more doors for promotion and to get you into managerial positions.

bachelors in marketing

Bachelors in Marketing

Essentially, marketing involves all major areas of promotions and such and this course definitely do not teach you how to sell a product or service.

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Actuarial Science



To become an engineer, it is vital to know what area you would like to venture in. The Faculty of Engineering in any university usually offer a wide range of Engineering courses for you to choose from ranging from pre-university to Master or PhD.
Mechanical, Electrical or Civil Engineering
The most common types of majors you will find at the Faculty of Engineering are Mechanical, Electrical or Civil Engineering. These courses will train you on the fundamentals of the specializations you choose. After that, you will need to gain the experience required.

Job Opportunities in Engineering

After your degree in Engineering, you can choose to pursue to the higher levels of postgraduate. If you aspire to work in the industry, then you need to be associated to the Malaysian Board of Engineers. After that, you can seek employment in many sectors like construction, property development, town planning and others.


Art and Design

A Faculty of Art and Design usually encompass the major disciplines in the creative fields. This is a school which provides education in all levels ranging from pre-university to postgraduate levels.
Not just for the creative students
It is important to note that to study art and design, a student need not have to be extremely creative or be talented in these areas. A basic qualification in the studies will be sufficient whether it is in the arts or the science fields.

Types of disciplines

In studying art and design, you will get to venture into many areas. Fine art is one of the more popular courses if you are looking to become an artist or illustrator. More modern universities will usually offer courses in animation, graphic design, illustration and digital art. All you need is a lot of interest, passion and the willingness to learn new techniques and such courses will be ideal.

Information Technology and Computer Science

Faculties in Information Technology often use different terms. Depending on the university, they could use IT, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Computing Technologies or Information Sciences.
High demand for IT courses
Regardless of what the university calls them, the field of IT is quite similar as they encompass information and communication technologies. Generally, students learn about computer hardware, software, networking, web design, programming and such.
Career options in IT
The popularity of IT degrees has peaked during the late 90s. Today, in order to find a good job in this field, you need to have a competitive edge. This is where you would need to be more specialized in areas like database management, software engineering or web-based marketing.
As an IT graduate, having a technical qualification is important but market demand requires you to be able to communicate these information effectively especially when it requires funding, investments or management buy-in.

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The Faculty of Medicine does not exist in every university as it is a very specialized and focused sector. Only universities with certain credibility’s will have the Faculty of Medicine which train students to become doctors and in some cases, pharmacists.
Demand and supply of medical graduates
It has been reported in Malaysia that there are more medical graduates than available jobs in the last few years. This does not mean that there is no future for students. In fact, courses are still running as doctors would still be required for the workforce.
Opportunities in medicine
Graduates with a degree in medicine will require to undergo training or housemanship before they can become practicing doctors. There are jobs in both the private and public sectors for these graduates. It must be noted though that studying medicine requires more years (usually 7) than other degrees and industrial training will require a few more years after that.