Bachelors in Marketing

Essentially, marketing involves all major areas of promotions and such and this course definitely do not teach you how to sell a product or service. In fact, it teaches you on how to strategize your selling campaigns.

One of the major areas in a degree in marketing is in its branding and promotions disciplines. This is where you will learn about the dynamics and methods adopted by successful global brands in establishing themselves to become synonymous with a specific area of everyday living and how you will be able to emulate these campaigns for your own products or services. While every marketing plan differs depending largely at the time and place as well as the nature of products or services, you will learn among many, the various methods to plan, develop, adopt and execute marketing plans. How effective and affective they are depends largely on how well you plan them.

Analytical and Big Data

Marketing degrees are highly appropriate for students who are interested in branding, planning, strategizing and such. You must be analytical when it comes to positioning your products so that all the events and promotional activities are launched with confidence and risks are calculated. Typically, you must first be able to grasp concepts like cost-benefit analysis, budgeting and finance and such so that you will be able to derive a practical ad profitable business marketing plan.

Among the modules that you will take in this degree includes Management, Economics, Retail Management, Consumer Behaviour, International Marketing, Marketing Research and others. You will notice that a degree in marketing requires you understand your customers well so that you know how to target them and why. Understanding the market dynamics and demographics are also taught in this course.

Top positions in Marketing career

Career opportunities for graduates in Marketing include areas in Marketing, advertising and promotions. Some of the jobs out there are like advertising or account managers, marketing executives, media planner or buyers, brand communication managers, corporate communication executives and others.