Degree in the Business stream

In business degrees, a lot of students tend misunderstand that it is all about selling and selling. This of course is not true at all because of the fact that there are a lot of opportunities out there waiting for the business graduate. From marketing to promotions, sales to accounting, human resource to operations, you will spoilt for choice if you are to embark onto a business course.

The most important thing which you must first determine is to know which is actually the area of your interest because it makes a lot of difference what you graduate with and what you will be learning. In certain cases where students are very much interested in taking up accounting and finance as a career choice, a lot of them tend to take up a more generic course like Business Administration which provides you with the knowledge you need to which covers almost all the areas of business and commerce ranging from human resources to communications, costing to budgeting, sales to marketing and many more.

English Language as Pre-requisites

One of the most important pre-requisites you must have prior to enrolling into a business course is your command of the English Language. Unless you have gained entry into a public university, all private universities and colleges offering degrees in business would require you to have a Credit in your SPM or equivalent and if you don’t you will be required to obtain some sort of English qualification offered by the specific institution. On top of that, Mathematics, although not mandatory too would be a good pre-requisite you should have if you are to be able to cope with these courses. This is mainly because the courses are all conducted in English Language and assignments and projects usually requires you to prepare and complete them in the language as well.