Design Degrees – Your Creative Pathway to Success

A career in design is not all about drawing and paintings. There are actually a lot of potential and options available in the design field, especially for the graduate. If you think that having a design degree means you are bound to be an artist, then you are DEAD WRONG!

The Essentials of studying design

The first myth you MUST dispel before studying design is that you need to be good in art. In fact, that is far from the truth. You would need to have a lot of common sense, and perhaps some sensitivity to colors and shapes, but you definitely do not need to be good in drawing and painting in order to study design. This is because you will be studying the basics and fundamentals of design from the first semester on. Among the areas that you might be covering include:

  • Designing furniture to be comfortable and functional
  • Creative advertisements – digital or otherwise
  • Visual arts – Paintings and communicative media
  • Digital art – websites and animation
  • And many more

What does design entail basically?

Basically, you will cover the concept of how an idea can be formed when you study design. In today’s environment, you need to design items and things that are not only functional but it must somehow add value to their everyday lives. So, you can think along the likes of jewelry or animation videos that people use or watch which is either to get things done or for entertainment purposes. Among the major fields of design that you might be interested in include:

  • Multimedia Design
  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation Design
  • Fashion Design

Do you have what it takes to study design?

Bear in mind that it is NOT a necessity to draw very well in order to study design. You will, after all, be taught what a line is, how to draw a line and elements of lines from day one. So, there is nothing to worry about. You can be a science student in high school and that will not be a problem. Like every other degree courses, you can study design from either the post-secondary school or the diploma pathways respectively. If you want to start after Form Five (or equivalent), you will have to take the Diploma in Design course. This will usually be a two-year course where you will need to have at least:

  • Minimum of 3 Credits in SPM
  • Some form of a portfolio or visual works that you can show. It is not compulsory though

Once you have completed your Diploma, then you will most likely be admitted into the second year of the degree course. However, you would be able to enter the degree course if you have completed a pre-university course. This is where you need to have at least

  • 2.00 CGPA in a Foundation course (typically art) or
  • Minimum of 2Es in ‘A’ Level or
  • At least 2 Cs in STPM
  • Minimum of 60.0 ATAR in Australian Matriculation
  • Minimum of 55% in 6 modules in Canadian Pre-University

Check out the following universities that offer top design degrees across Malaysia.

Asia Pacific University – Current and Contemporary

Perhaps one of the latest additions to the design degree segment, APU offers the Bachelor of Arts (Hons) where you can study in the following majors. Visual Effects and Concept Design, Transport Design, Advertising and Brand Management and Animation, among others. The course fee is about RM75,000.

First City University College – Reinventing Design studies

The First City University College is a convenient and economical place to get your degree in design. Located in Bandar Utama, the fees are about RM65,000 and you get to study some of the most current design courses like Graphic Design, Furniture and Product Design and many more.

Swinburne University of Technology – Good for Digital Art

The fees here are about RM80,000. You get to study in the Kuching campus in Sarawak and complete your Bachelor of Design specializing in Multimedia Design.

IACT College – Learn Design from the designers

At the IACT College, you will get to learn from industry practitioners. In this campus, your fees will be about RM70,000 and you can complete your Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Advertising and Design. The exposure to the industry here is limitless as the college is founded by the MAA (Malaysian Advertisers Association) and the 4As (Associated of Accredited Advertising Agents of Malaysia). This means there will be a lot of linkages to the industry and the top agencies in the market.

UCSI University – Locally studied, Globally Linked

At UCSI University, you can major in areas like Multimedia Design, Graphic Design, Fashion and many more. The course fees here is at average RM65,000 for the degree course with 100% scholarships available.