Get a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management to stay competitive

A degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management is a truly exciting one. This is after all, a qualification which requires a lot of practice and hands-on training. If you have the wit and passion to provide exemplary services to customers, then this course is made for you!

What’s the craze about hospitality

One thing for sure, you would know by now that Malaysia is one of the top countries in the world with a thriving tourism industry. In fact, some cities like Port Dickson and Cameron Highlands are among the top 10 attractions in the region. As such, you can expect to see a lot of demand for jobs in these areas. You must like meeting people and you must have a passion for customer service. Only when you have such traits will you succeed because the service industry is not for the faint-hearted.
Where then you might ask, are the demands? Your skills will be required the moment you walk into a tourist attraction or a hotel. From the front desk to the restaurant, to the business center and everything else. As long as there is someone serving you, there is someone who has this qualification.

Areas of Specialization

The hospitality and tourism management has many areas that you can focus on. In fact, it must be noted that every area that you focus on here will require both theory and practice. This includes:

  • Food Service Management – You will learn not only about food preparation but on operations as well
  • Accommodation and Hospitality – You will learn about how a hotel and resort is managed and be trained on things like housekeeping and making reservations
  • Event Management – One of the most exciting areas in this course but its very taxing. You learn about organizing and planning of events of all sizes and everything in within
  • Travel and tourism – Another very popular area where you get to go on tours and travel with groups. But all preparation, bookings, communications will be handled by you

Do you make the cut?

Like every degree in the market, there are minimum requirements to study Hospitality and Tourism. While it might not be very technical like IT or Actuarial Science degrees, you will still need analytical skills and a lot of communication skills in order to complete your course successfully. A lot of students like to take the Diploma in Hospitality & Tourism course which is a 2-year certificate. To take this course, you will need to have at least 3 credits in your SPM which must include Sejarah and Bahasa Malaysia. After that, you can continue and complete your degree (usually from Year 2 onwards). Alternatively, you can get into the degree course direct after your high school. To be eligible for that, you must have at least a:

  1. Minimum of 2Es in your ‘A’ Levels or
  2. Minimum of 2Cs in your STPM or
  3. Minimum ATAR 50 in Australian Matriculation or
  4. A CGPA of at least 2.0 in Foundation (Arts or Science or equivalent) or your Diploma
  5. At least average of 50% in Canadian Pre-University

Top Jobs in Hospitality and Tourism

You might be interested to know what your future might be when you complete a degree in this sector. Here are some examples:

  • Catering Manager
  • Travel Destination Brand Manager
  • Entertainment Manager
  • Event Planner
  • Food & Beverage Manager
  • Hotel Manager
  • Training Manager
  • Travel Consultant

Below are among the institutes of higher learning across Malaysia where you can take this course.

Taylor’s University – Perhaps the most established school in this sector

Studying at Taylor’s University means that you will be taking the course from one institute with the best reputation in hospitality and tourism. You can take the Bachelor of International Hospitality Management degree at about RM100,000. Scholarships are available where you can focus on either Travel and Recreation Management or in Event Management, among others. One thing you must know is that Taylor’s University’s Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism is the only Malaysian university to have been rated Tier 6 out of 6 for Hospitality & Tourism by the Ministry of Education.

Berjaya University College of Hospitality – Expert in Hospitality

With a wide range of internationally-recognized and award-winning resorts and hotels, the Berjaya Group would be an ideal school to study this industry. You can do so at the Berjaya University College of Hospitality which from RM70,000 you can complete your Bachelor Of Hospitality Management (Hons). One of the unique areas of the university is its Immersion Methodology adopted in Berjaya’s curriculum.

YTL International College of Hotel Management – A Major Player in Hospitality

The YTL International College of Hotel Management is the perfect school to take a Diploma in Hotel Management certificate which is about RM40,000. A diploma course is usually more hands-on and involves more practical and the chain of hotels and resorts are the perfect platform for you to undergo training.

SEGi University – Get a UK award concurrently

If you are looking for a dual-award degree, you can do so at SEGi University,. This is where you can, from RM50,000 complete your Bachelor of Science (Hons) in International Tourism & Hospitality Management awarded by SEGI as well as UK’s University of Sunderland, one of the top institutions in the world today.