How to get into a Business degree?

So, you have decided to take up a business degree. What then should you know and learn prior to enrolling into one? Of course, first and foremost, you would be required to possess the required qualifications. In most cases, students would need to come through with a pre-university level certification. This would usually come in terms of either the STPM (Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia), ‘A’ Levels which are the generic pre-university courses. Most universities require you to have at least 3 principal passes in these levels to be eligible for entry into the undergraduate level.

Going through Foundation course

Apart from the pre-u courses, you could also come through the pathway of a foundation in business course. Most universities or educational institutions usually offer a foundation course in business which is the most appropriate pathway into a degree program which they offer. This will usually encompass all the essential fundamental concepts and principles which is to equip you when you progress into the degree years which are very helpful and essential.

This would mean that you must pass the foundation level if you are to gain entry into the first year of the undergraduate course. Another pathway which you can gain entry into a degree course in business is through a Diploma in Business course like the ABE which usually gets you through to first or second year depending on the subjects you have completed.

The Specialization start here

Once you have finished the pre-university levels, then you can proceed to the degree level which are more specialized. Note that in the pre-u levels, you will be learning all the various areas of business which involves many types of disciplines. In the degree level however, it is very important that you know what is the area of specialization you are interested in. In most cases, the foundation year will be the best avenue for you to discover what you like and which type of job interests you. From there, you will be know how to progress.

Types of Business Degree

If you are very good with numbers and figures, accounting and finance will be best suited for you. If you are one who likes strategizing and brand management, then a degree in Marketing is most appropriate. Dealing with people, training and staffing would involve a degree in Human Resources Management while if you are more into retail and operations, you might want to consider a degree in Operations Management.

Of course, if you do not like to be confined to one specific area of business, then you could take up Business Administration which is a more generic  business degree. International business is where you will be able to learn and dig deep into areas which involves multi-national companies like partnerships, strategic alliances and franchising.