What is the I-Think program?
The I-Think Program is a education programs aimed at enhancing and cultivating thinking skills among students towards producing innovative students.
What to expect from the I-Think program?
  • Using Thinking tools students are more focused and confident in the classroom.
  • Student-centered activity.
  • Student performance improved after using the thinking tools in teaching and learning.
  • The teacher-student relationship is closer as the teacher plays the role of facilitator.
Use IC number to access the online ithink course. The password will be provided through Whatsapp group and through iThink In-Service Training (LADAP)
Username: IC Number
Password: Password
How do I sign in to iThink online?
  • Select your preferred language (English or Bahasa Malaysia)
  • Enter your <CTR> or <Alternative> address
  • Enter <Privacy>
  • Click the <Sign in> button
How do I change my Profile information ?
Your Profile page displays a summary of you and your learning status in the Self-Learning Module (MPK). You can edit the information in your Profile with the steps below.
  • Click your name link in the navigation bar
  • Click the <Edit> link located at the top and right of the page
  • Check / edit no. Your KP. Upload your pictures (less than 1 MB in file size)
  • Change your personal information such as Email Address, Full Name, Number
  • cell phone, Gender & Date of birth. Or school information such as Subject,
  • School, State, or Level.
  • Select your preferred language (English / Malay)
  • Click the <Save> button
What is a Learning Journey?
Learning Journey is a summary of your learning status in MPK.
  • Click the <Learning Journals> tab on your profile
  • It will update automatically as you progress through the modules in the Course Map (which will be explained later)
  • It shows Module Name, Progress, Status & Time used
  • To view the list of modules you have read, click the <Status> link
  • To download your certificate (after completing the course), click the <Certificate> button
What is News?
News is a place to collaborate, share experiences and learn from your colleagues.
  • Click the <News> link in the navigation bar and type your post in the <What do you think> box . You can tag other users by typing “@” followed by the username in this box.
  • Attach document, image, link, audio or video.
  • Enter a Label like Circle Map and click the <Share> button.
  • To edit a post, click the gear icon on your post and select <edit>. Make changes and click the <Share> button
  • To delete a post, click the gear icon on your post and select <delete>. Click the <Delete> button
  • Click (in line) to view the attachment.
  • To download the attachment, click the <Download this file> link.
  • To annotate a document, click on the document and click the < Comment> button
  • To view a specific post, select <Filter> such as Name, Label, Role, State, School, Level, Subject, with the sorted by date option
  • To comment or Like a post made by another user, click the icon located below the post
  • To report an inappropriate post, click the <Report> link below the post
What is a Course Map?
Course Map is a learning module layout in MPK.
  • Click <Course Map> in the navigation bar
  • Course Map consists of seven sections – Overview, Contextual Design, Thinking Process, Training Tools, Thinking and Designing Skills, Resources and Evaluation.
  • Each section has a different number of modules. The modules are 25.
  • All modules are compulsory modules. You must complete all required modules to enable the Assessment section.
  • You need to score at least 60% of all modules in the section
  • Ratings for downloading certificates.
  • Limited navigation and visual markers such as the percentage of module completion will guide you to the Course Map.