Schools to stop promoting unnecessary workbooks

Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong, the Deputy Education Minister recently said that schools should stop promoting unnecessary workbooks for its students. In fact, he said that the schools should not even ask the parents to buy these workbooks which are supposed to help the students do better in school. After all, he said that the students barely have time to utilize them or to finish the exercised them. He said that action will be taking against any schools which are found promoting such books as it might be regarded as a form of corruption.

It does not take a genius to see that pupils today are carrying too many books to school and if workbooks are added onto them, the next generation will have to face backaches and problems as they are carrying too much with them already. These days, students are bringing school bags which look like the pulley bags that passengers carry up to the airplane. Even school bag manufacturers are designing their bags as such in order to fit all the books the students need to carry. And this starts from Primary 1 and it somehow gets lesser as they progress higher up the system.

Is it actually this important or should schools start looking at adopting technology and use computers instead. Whatever happened to the notebook system which was once implemented by the state of Terengganu? Shouldn’t that be the springboard to a more modern society where students could perhaps be less burdened by pulling their bags to school each day and use technology instead? Perhaps, workbooks are just one of the smallest issue which the ministry should consider because the bigger picture is that the fickle minded education system has yet to be confirmed. The ministry must look into lessening the weight of the students, not only its books.