Study Finance and Manage Millions

Holding a degree in Finance is an entirely different field compared to Accounting. You might come across some degrees that combine the 2 fields but you must never be confused as they are 2 different specializations altogether.

Charting a Successful Career in Finance

In the area of Finance, your career path can be very rewarding but you need to be good in what you do. Among the analysis that you might be involved with a qualification in Finance include:

  1. What is the cause and effects of currency speculation?
  2. How does stock value work?
  3. How are bank interests calculated? /li>

Basically, as a Finance expert, you try to make sense of numbers and figures so that a business or an individual can make a sound decision on what to do next.

Learn to know all about Finance

Generally, the study of Finance is in the management not only of money but any form of financial resources carried out by organizations. This includes governments, companies and any other form of institution. As the saying goes, ‘money makes the world go round’. This means that every entity will use money in order to exist and operate. As such, the management of the funds would need experts and that is where you come in. Bearing in mind that every cent spent and earned in the company must be accounted for, this means ethics and knowledge of best practices must be adhered to.

What is your Finance Pathway like?

There are very direct pathways that lead you to a career in Finance. Having said that, you must be aware that most universities offer Finance as a major (or specialization) in the Business degree. In other words, you will study for 3 years where the first year is a generic basic course before you branch out to the Finance-oriented modules in your second and third year. You can start with a Diploma in Finance course which takes 2 years to complete. To enter this course, you must have at least 3 Credits in Your SPM with a pass in Mathematics. Once you complete your Diploma, you will then qualify to enter the Second year of the degree course. Besides coming to the degree through this pathway, you can do so via having at least:

  • Minimum of 2Es in ‘A’ Levels or
  • Minimum 2Cs in STPM
  • At least ATAR 50.0 in Australian Matriculation
  • Average of 50% in 6 modules in CPU
  • At least CGPA 2.00 in Foundation (arts or science)

Your degree is only the first step!

Whether you go through your degree or through a diploma pathway, that is only your first step into becoming a professional. Once you have a degree in Finance, you can either continue to your postgraduate levels like Master or PhD or you can start charting into a professional area. This means that you are ready to venture into a more specialized area of Finance whether it is investments, risk management, credit or others. Among your options are:

  1. CFP or Certified Financial Planner awarded by FPAM (Financial Planning Association of Malaysia)
  2. CFA Institute’s CFA or Chartered Financial Analyst
  3. Malaysia Financial Planning Council’s RFP or Registered Financial Planner
  4. ACCA or Association of Chartered Certified Accountants
  5. CTIM or Chartered Tax Institute of Malaysia
  6. MAICSA or Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators
  7. and many more

Below are some of the top universities in Malaysia where you can obtain your degree in Finance.

University of Nottingham – Study locally for a UK Degree

At the University of Nottingham, you can obtain your degree in Finance via the Bachelor of Science (Hons) Business Economics and Finance pathway. This is an award-winning university with a lot of focus on research and industry-linkages. The fees for the entire cost is about RM120,000.

INTI International University – Affordable and current

What you get when you study at INTI International University is a value-for-money Finance degree. It is at an average about RM70,000 for the degree where you graduate with a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) and enjoy the option to be members of FINSIA or Financial Services Institute of Australasia and the Finance & Treasury Association (FTA).

International University of Malaya-Wales – Strong reputation and established

This is perhaps one of the most established universities since it is a collaboration between the University of Wales and University Malaya. You graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Finance which is estimated at about RM50,000.

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman – Low Cost and Well recognized

Graduates from UTAR in Finance are very well received by many firms in the industry. You will enjoy affordable fees if you take the Bachelor of Finance (Hons) degree in UTAR. For the entire course, it would not be more than RM40,000. On top of that, you will enjoy many exemptions in some of the most sought-after professional qualifications including FPAM, ACCA and ICSA.