Studying for a Business Degree Guarantees a Career

Have you wanted to start your own business and be an entrepreneur? Maybe you have been idolizing influencers like Sir Richard Branson and Tan Sri Tony Fernandes for a long time and has aspired to be like them but not sure where to start. Getting your first degree in Business would be your ideal spring-bed.

What does a Business degree prepare you for?

One thing that a Business degree does not do is that it WILL NOT make you a successful businessman. But it DOES prepare you to become one. What you will learn is the basics and fundamentals of who a business is run and you can then build your experience around it. Generally, you must understand that business affects everything in our daily lives. You can be a business owner, but naturally, you are still a consumer. Whether it is fresh milk you are buying or a property in real estate, you will at one point be a buyer instead of a seller. As such, business degrees can sometimes be regarded to be too generic. Having said that, you need to know that a business degree is not just about teaching you the laws of buying and selling but a lot more than that. When you enroll into a Business degree, you will in one way or another learn the specializations or you can choose to branch into any of the following:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Economics
  • Management
  • International Business

What is your pathway like in Business?

A business degree can be quite straightforward because unlike other specializations where you might need a special professional certificate and membership, you can pretty much come out to work after you graduate. In most cases, you can go through to a business degree after your high school. This can be done through 2 common pathways:

  1. Pre-University
  2. Diploma in Business

If you decide to go through the Pre-University pathway, you can come in through at least either a:

  1. Minimum of 2Es in ‘A’ Levels or
  2. Minimum of 2Cs in STPM or
  3. ATAR 50.0 in Australian Matriculation with a credit in Mathematics or
  4. An average of 65% in 6 modules in Canadian Pre-University
  5. At least 2.0 CGPA in Foundation (Arts/ Business or equivalent)

On the other hand, if you plan to take the diploma pathway, you can do so through having at least 3 Credits in SPM or its equivalent. A Diploma in Business course is usually 2 years long in which you will gain entry to the second year after finishing your diploma.

What’s next after your business degree?

After you have completed your degree, you will then have a few other options, depending on your specialization. You might not be allowed to take up an MBA course because most universities will require you to have some working experience. However, you can take up a MIM (Masters in Management) or MIF (Master in Finance) courses. On the other hand, you can take up professional papers like CPA or ACCA if that is your focus area. Among the jobs that you might be able to find with this qualification include:

  • Accountant
  • Corporate Financier
  • Financial Planner
  • Entrepreneur
  • Investment Analyst
  • Marketing Executive

Getting your degree in Business at Exemplary Business Schools in Malaysia

Most public and private universities in Malaysia have their own business schools which have a good reputation and very well established. You will find that they are usually the larger schools or faculties of a certain university which means you will have a lot of options to choose from. Below are some of the best in the market.

The International University of Malaya-Wales – Local and Global Collaboration

The International University of Malaya-Wales is a perfect place to get your degree if you are looking for an internationally recognized certificate at an affordable rate. Here, you can obtain your Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in International Business from about RM50,000 and you actually graduate with a dual award from Wales and Malaysian universities concurrently.

Heriot-Watt University Malaysia – UK’s top Business school in Malaysia

At Heriot-Watt, you get to complete your Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in 3 years. The tuition fees here are about RM100,000 and you can transfer to their other campuses around the world with 100% tuition scholarships available.

Asia Pacific University – State-of-the-art campus

The Asia Pacific University or APU offers BA (Hons) in International Business Management at about RM80,000 where you graduate with a degree from APU as long as their long-time partner Staffordshire University from the UK.

Taylor’s University – Dual degree from Malaysia and UK

The Taylor’s Business School is among the most established names in the education industry of Malaysia for offering some of the top business courses around. There are up to 8 areas of specialization where you can obtain your Bachelor in Business Administration (Hons) awarded by both Taylor’s University and the University of the West of England, Bristol. The school fees are about RM100,000 for 3 years. Besides that, you can take other majors here like International Business and Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Banking and Economics, Marketing and Human Resources Management.

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) – Local graduates, global entrepreneurs

This course can be completed at its Kampar campus. The fees are about RM40,000 which makes it among the most affordable to complete a 3-year Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) degree.

SEGi University – Get a degree and a good headstart

At SEGi University, you will enroll in the Bachelor of Business Management (Hons) from about RM65,000. The 3-year course can be completed at the Kota Damansara Campus where you can enjoy scholarships which are offered up to 100%. This degree that you take at SEGi University is a dual award which is offered not only by the local institution but by Abertay University in the UK as well.